Excellent directors make every film a unique experience. Accordingly, we are proud to work with top-notch film directors like Burkhard von Schassen.

Director Burkhard von Schassen shoots short feature films with actors like Oscar winner Morgan Freeman or Jürgen Vogel and realizes films for brands like SONY, O2, DIE ZEIT, DAS ERSTE, SIEMENS or even UNITED INTERNATIONAL PICTURES.

The "Beautiful DayFilm, which we produced with director Burkhard von Schassen in cooperation with the rock band U2, shows how moving images in combination with a special storytelling idea can be emotionally moving - and attract attention for a content. It is shown Online and in TV formats in more than 60 countries around the world.

Currently we have finalized the film "I GO HARD“ with Burkhard von Schassen.

We work with other directors for online, TV and cinema formats.

And also with new talents, like director Jannik Tesch, who was able to show his first film in Cannes.

As well as with content creators for social media formats.